Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Art of Saying Thank You

I am just finishing up my thank you cards from my daughters 4th birthday party and it got me thinking of all the times I've made my own thank you's over the years. I've always thought what a better way to say "Thank You" then by sending a piece of my art all packaged up neatly as a Thank You card. I've been making thank you cards since I was able to write out the words on my own, which as I am guessing was about 6 years of age. But amazingly so many have forgotten over the years that a thank you is so important. It's more that just a shout out on twitter or facebook. Taking the time to write a meaningful card to express our gratitude for what someone has given us, or done for us, or in my case as an artist, buying a piece of my art.

Below is a small tag that I like to attach to a ribbon around each piece of art when I send them out to their new owners. I also include a handwritten not on similar stationery. I am so grateful for every sale.
Having kids has been another one of those big Thank You times in my life. It's always amazing to me the generosity of others when you announce you are pregnant or that your bundle of joy has been born. I've looked at it as a time to be creative in my thank you's back to all those who have taken the time to give so much to me.

Below are two Thank You cards I have given after having my daughter.

If you can or if you can get your kids involved, make your own thank you cards. They will be more treasured than a store bought card. And remember when thanking someone, it's never ever too late to say "Thank You!", always address the person personally, thank them for the gift by naming the gift and expressing the delight in which it is now being used. If you were given the gift in person let them know how special the time was seeing them (time is a gift too!).

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