Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Book Review

I know with Fashion week running ramped all over the world this month, it's been hard for me to take my eye off of whats up and coming for the spring. Burberry just had their show yesterday in Milan and it looks quite nice. I think Christopher Bailey always does such a wonderful job, even though I have enjoyed other shows of his more. This one still had quite a lot of wonderful trenches walking down the aisle. I know he had said a few years back that he could never tire of redesigning the coat. And this show once again proves it. Surprisingly with my love for Burberry, I don't have one single book about them. I have Chanel, Dior, Gucci, and hoards of other wonderful fashion books, but not one Burberry. So I decided to go and look up in Amazon to see if there was any books written about the fashion house and sadly, no. Then I got worried, I started going through all my fashion books, like "Fashion the century of the designer" and "Sample" but only one sentence between the large books could I find and that wasn't even worth it. So I started down the path of my fashion illustration books like "Stylishly Drawn" and "Fashion Illustration Next" but there was nothing there either. Finally I pulled out my book "100 Years of Fashion Illustration" and came across Burberry. Only a few images, but with Burberrys long history and wonderful past I think it's a book that is need of publishing, a story worth telling. Thomas Burberry was only 21 when he founded "Burberry" and that was over 150 years ago. Thomas invented the trench coat and the water resistant fabric that was used to make it. Check out the short but very informative history of Burberry. And if any one knows of a book that has loads of info about Burberry, I'd love to know of it. I must say though that my book "100 years of Fashion Illustration" is a delight and full of great facts and work spanning 100 years of fashion illustration.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Million Dollar Baby

(Emma my million dollar baby)

I think I have one of these, or some form of one. If you have the time and want to read about what is really going on in the design, and merchandising world of children check out this link Baby It's from an article printed in the October issue of PRINT magazine. Very informative and they even mention Etsy as a place to shop for the modern nursery. Just like the article mentions, we don't dress Emma in licensed clothing, her highchair (a wonderful shade of orange) and stroller (a bright blue as seen above) are both by Stokke and cost together over $1500. With great companies like Boon, Trip Trap, Daily Tea, and Pediped there are loads of well designed choices for any modern parent. As much as I am one to purchase these items, there is still the old fashion in me that loves the old wooden and metal toys, great creative toys like crayons and Legos. And of course that comes out in my own watercolor paintings. I think it's wonderful to mix a bit of old with new and create a wonderful twist of the two. But I am all for leaving out the over done Disney (and a host of other over licensed products) these don't have a place in my home as long as I have anything to say about it.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Number 12 of 40

Was thrilled to get voted in at the number 12 spot in the Etsy Handmade Kids Challenge!! Out of thousands of entries, I am was so happy to make it to the final 40 and to have people vote for my painting. Thanks to everyone who thought "Back with Friends" was # 1. If you want to know how everyone placed check out Winners or you can go strait to the art section Here. With a wonderful 289 votes and loads more hearts in my shop, it's been a great fun!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Portrait Photography

There are two types of photography I would love to be great at, product and portrait. I am sure with a bit more guidance, a lot of reading and getting to know my camera's ins and outs, oh and a small fortune in extra equipment I might be able to manage something really nice. This morning while reading my daily fashion news I stumbled across Emma Watson staring in the new addition of the Italian Vogue. I don't know what I would want more, to look that amazing in a photo, or to be able to shoot such amazing pictures of my own Emma.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday Book Review

I don't even know which is better with this book the art or the story it tells of true self giving. I got this book at the MOCA in LA a few years back. Loved it from the moment I saw the cover, but how could you ever go wrong with art by Takashi Murakami (need I say more about the art??) And such a wonderful story by Yujin Kitagawa. Keba Keba is just one of those books that anyone would love to have sitting on their shelves, sharing with friends, and reading to young minds. Marc Jacobs reviewed the book saying " The true joy one receives from giving so generously, so selflessly of one's gifts-true not only of Keba Keba but of Yujin and Takashi, as well. This story, so simple, is a lesson we can all learn from and practice every chance we get."

Monday, September 15, 2008

More Work More Fun

I can't believe it's been weeks since my last post. A bit shocked, but I have been busy. The old adage all work and no play.... Well this is fun and makes my time fly, and I don't feel dull at all :) below is a snap shot of a few pieces I have been working on. Loads more on it's way. Hopefully I will have about 6 new items in my shop by the weekend. It's been fun getting together some happy paintings for the holidays.