Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What I've Been Doing

My new baby boy arrived on June 7th..... I am finding the joy and the craziness of having two little loves around me all day. So little time for art, but I am juggling my time and as soon as I get Ewan's birth announcements made I will be back at it with some new art.
I took these photos yesterday in my bedroom trying to get some good shots for a birth announcement picture. I have a few more that I just love and I am sure that one will land the lucky spot of getting shipping to friends and family around the world. I also took some with my beautiful 3 year old Emma so that she can send her own announcements letting the world know she is now a big sister.

Baby Shower

Hosted a baby shower for my sister in law last weekend and got a chance to do some baby art. I went looking all over for some cute decorations, but couldn't find anything and having a new baby myself was really pressed for time. So I decided to go with an idea that I would have loved for my daughters baby shower and made it work....BABY BLOCKS all themed around the baby's initials.

I started first with the art, since she is having a boy I tried to stick with more boy like images. I sketched out my art, dropped it into Adobe Illustrator and then printed out the art as needed for each of the decorations.
I got most of my supplies from the Paper Source and Michaels. I found square boxes and printed out my art and spray mounted it onto the boxes

I also made tags for the favors which were little boxes of homemade cookies.

I made small and large blocks and put them all over the house. And I used the table tents from the Paper Source to spray mount sweet poems about baby boys as added decorations.

For prizes for the games I used the purse boxes from the Paper source and once again mounted on my art before tucking in gift cards to Starbucks.
I also made a banner with ribbon and paper as well as made tissue paper balls thanks to the help of my good friend Holly.
All in all for my first time hosting a baby shower and my very limited time, the decorations came out great! I've been told that my sister in law took home most of the decorations and now has them in the baby's room....That to me is a success!