Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I finally feel like a real artist with a real computer to work from. I can't believe how magical it is to have such a wonderful computer to work from.

Totally forgot to mention that at the beginning of August I got the new iMac! Got the best of the best. My husband said if we are going to get you a Mac then we are going all out with the biggest screen, memory and so on. It came with the new magic mouse and touch pad! I am loving it, but with my two little loves at home with me all day I am not spending near enough time on it. I have tons to write and draw and create. But I know it will all come in time. Loving every spare moment I get to use it! It Donald and I have been talking about getting an iMac for a long time and we finally decided to take the plunge and get one. Thanks to the huge generosity of my dad and early birthday money from Donald's parents we were able to put in the rest and get the best of the best.

Our little laptop finally gave out about a month before Ewan was born, but since I was so exhausted I didn't think replacing the computer was tops on our list. So of course I started selling prints and need a computer badly so Donald let me use one of his for printing and order purposes. But I still didn't want to spend the money on a new computer till I was up to doing anything with it.

Donald kept saying we would order the iMac in late August early September because the new iMac was coming out with magic mouse and touch pad. And that the computer would be way better then the old iMacs. So I was shocked as shocked could be when we got a delivery on August 6. Donald had said he had ordered something for our sever so I just figured that this giant box now sitting in our living room was something to do with our Windows Home Server. I waited hours before I even bothered calling Donald at work to let him know his item had arrived. And that's when he told me what was in the box! It was the New iMac I couldn't think straight. I begged him to come home right away and set it up for me......and he did!!

I've waited forever for such a wonderful computer and I can't wait to see the magic I will make with it. Best surprise ever Donald!!