Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Chanel Victory

Yes, Lagerfeld has done it again. All in white, was he thinking of me?:) No, but he was keeping it clean and delicate. I really enjoyed his couture line but was saddened by the presence of pants/leggings. I just don't get putting pants into a couture line. Both Lagerfeld and Armani did it and it was very disappointing. Even though I think Armani was the worst offender, Lagerfeld could have held the delicate look with out the use of such an item. I know it's just one girls fight against all things pants. But even when I walked into Nordstrom to spend my Christmas gift cards, there was but one dress in about every department except for the special occasion dresses (which still guessed PANTS) and the dresses they did have weren't worth looking at twice. I am so glad Anthropolgie understands then need to stay feminine. I refuse to dress as my husband does!! That said here are a few more images from the Chanel show I did like!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

There's a credit crunch, not a creative crunch!

I just love John Galliano. His show was a masterpiece all to itself. With huge influence from Monsieur Dior, and the a bit of Dutch. I am so in love with the courtier line for Spring. But when asked about the recession Gallian0 responded as always so eloquently and quotable "There's a credit crunch, not a creative crunch. Of course, everyone is being more careful with their discretionary purchases. I am. But it's our job to make people dream, and to provide the value in quality, cut, and imagination." And he has done his job so successfully, I know I'm dreaming! Here are just three of the amazing 39 dresses that were on display yesterday. And I love that there are NO pants!! I am still a firm believer that courtier for ladies should NOT include pants! Shame on you Armani!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2 Treasury's

I feel really honored, I am featured in two treasury's today! I have been very quiet with my art of late, letting ideas brew in my head and a bit in a journal. But my head and journal are both getting crowed so yesterday I started on a new piece. Its coming along quite nicely and I am hoping that if all goes well it should be up for sale by Monday. Its wonderful to know that my pieces from last year are still adored.