Monday, July 21, 2014

Changed Priorities

It's time I get serious and get back to work.  Not just on my art but on my blog and taking photos.  I need to get back to a more creative me but this time I have a BIG incentive.... no money.  Most of us know what's it's like to have no or little money.  You can't pay your bills on time, there is no such thing as going on holiday, and you don't dare buy anything unless what you own has completely fallen apart.

I haven't been able to make a decent student loan payment in ages, let alone keep up on the expense of my kids.  The last time I went on Holiday was 8 years ago even though I was promised London for my birthday last year (your cant do something when you don't have any money).  I wear the same clothes everyday and actually felt guilty asking Donald if it would be okay to get a new pair of trainers because the ones I've worn for the last year and a half are falling apart.

For ages now I have been hoping that I would magically be given time to work on my art and blog.  That our household income would match what we needed every month to get by.  But the reality is that this is never going to happen unless I change my priorities.  I need to create the time to work (ignore my kids or have them work along side me).  I need to get my art back out in circulation in hopes that it might just sell so that maybe, just maybe we can start to get by without the constant stress.

So today I put art back in my shop.
I added two personal pieces to the collection.
And the plan is that when I get done with this post I will work finishing up some old ideas in a fresh way so I can add them too!

It's been a really tough couple of months, and the bad news doesn't seem to be coming to an end anytime soon nor does any kind of financial relief.

The great news is that I'm an optimist at heart and to a fault....So I think I can make positive changes by getting BACK TO WORK!  Creating art that I love and selling it to the people that love my art.  In this way I can help Donald and I breath a bit easier and support the man that has supported me for so long.

It's too early for Christmas but here are two brand new personal pieces in my shop.

I never wanted to sell art I did for my personal use but it's time I get more art out there and that means all the art I do.  So here are the first two personal pieces I have up for offer on my Etsy site.

I'm changing my priorities and creating art for the betterment of our family.

During this post my 4 year old looked through books on his own upstairs while my 7 year old created unsupervised science experiments in the kitchen. And now they are using their science equipment to have a water fight outside.  Safety goggles, beakers, test tubes, and swim suits for the win.  I hope this means I don't end up failing as a mom for my kids but that in time we will find a balance of fun and understanding