Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Card

Here is the Easter Card that never got sent. I loved doing this picture. Emma of course was my model as she ran through the house carrying any one of her favorite stuffed toys. I slotted in the bunny and tulips to make a more fun Easter feel. Really wish my hard drive hadn't died so that everyone could have gotten one of these in the post. We sent out the hard drive today and are hoping that it doesn't get lost in the mail and they are able to recover all those files.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good with Bad

I am always wanting more time to sketch out my ideas before they get to the computer, but sometimes the computer wins out long before its turn. The good news is that I am now given the chance (at least a week or two) to work on my sketches (which means better art!). The bad news is that my hard drive broke, and the last time I did a backup was 6 months ago. So all the art I have done in the last 6 months (which is a ton) is lost....for now. Donald and I have chosen to spend the cash to get the information retrieved off the hard drive. This may take a few weeks, wont know until Monday when we call the company. So in the mean time I have decieded to work on my drawings and stay away from digital. This should be really fun. I will have to scan my drawings as they get finished so that everyone can see them as I go.

Friday, March 21, 2008

It's About Time

I have finally joined the world of art bloggers everywhere. After trying to find time to e-mail, call and mail all my friends and family on my latest art endeavors, I have decieded to blog and let everyone see what I'm up to whenever they want. Welcome and enjoy